The 15th anniversary of ARK Equipment & Engineering Co., LTD (ARK)

Time of issue:2024/05/21

   Fifteen years of elegance, build a dream voyage. Since its establishment, ARK Equipment &  Engineering Co., Ltd. (ARK) has accompanied everyone for 15 springs and autumns. Over the past 15 years, we have focused on the field of Maritime HVAC specialist ventilation systems, and grown from a small team to a leader in the industry.

    Looking back, we are grateful. Thanks to the trust and support of every customer, it is your never-giving-up that gives us the motivation to move forward bravely; Thanks to the hard work of every employee, it is your persistence and efforts that have created the glory of the company.

    After 15 years of hard work and struggle, we continue to innovate and forge ahead, and contribute to the development of the industry. From the precise control of HVAC systems to the efficient operation of refrigeration equipment, to the strict guarantee of fire protection systems, we pursue excellence and provide a full range of solutions for ships.

    Today, we stand at a new starting point and look forward to the future. We will not forget our original intention, continue to move forward, develop more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and smart products, and provide better services for customers.

Let's celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of ARK Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. (ARK) together, and wish us to go hand in hand and move towards a better future! 

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