Knowledge of Daily Ship Maintenance: The Key to Ensuring Safe and Smooth Navigation of Ships

Time of issue:2024/02/21

Ships are important tools for maritime transportation, and daily maintenance is crucial to ensure the safety and smooth navigation of ships. This article will introduce the knowledge of daily maintenance of ships, helping ship users understand how to properly maintain ships and extend their service life.

1、 Hull maintenance 1 Cleaning the hull: Regularly clean the hull to remove attached seaweed, shells, and other dirt to prevent corrosion and biological attachment. 2. Painting protection: Regularly inspect the painting condition of the hull. If there is wear or corrosion, repair and repaint in a timely manner to protect the hull from seawater erosion. 3. Check the bottom of the ship: Regularly inspect the bottom of the ship, remove attached seaweed and shells, check for cracks or corrosion on the bottom, and repair it in a timely manner.

2、 Mechanical equipment maintenance 1 Engine maintenance: Regularly replace the oil and filter, check the level of coolant and lubricating oil, and maintain the normal operation of the engine. 2. Maintenance of servos and thrusters: Regularly check the working condition of servos and thrusters to ensure their flexibility and reliability. If there are any abnormalities, repair or replace them in a timely manner. 3. Electrical equipment maintenance: Regularly inspect the wiring and cables of electrical equipment to ensure their normal operation. If there is any damage or aging, replace it in a timely manner.

3、 Safety equipment maintenance 1 Lifesaving equipment maintenance: Regularly check the integrity and usability of life saving equipment such as lifebuoys, life jackets, and lifeboats. If there is any damage or expiration, replace them in a timely manner. 2. Maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment: Regularly check the pressure and expiration date of fire extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment to ensure their reliability. If there are any problems, repair or replace them in a timely manner. 3. Maintenance of navigation equipment: Regularly check the operation of navigation lights, radar, GPS and other navigation equipment to ensure their accuracy and reliability.

4、 Internal maintenance of ships 1 Cleaning the cabin: Regularly clean the cabin, remove debris and dirt, keep the cabin dry and tidy, and prevent bacterial growth and corrosion. 2. Check pipelines and valves: Regularly inspect the pipelines and valves inside the ship to ensure their normal operation. If there is any leakage or blockage, repair or replace them in a timely manner. 3. Check circuits and instruments: Regularly inspect the internal circuits and instruments of the ship to ensure their normal operation. If there are any faults or damages, repair or replace them in a timely manner.

Daily maintenance of ships is crucial to ensuring their safety and smooth navigation. By regularly inspecting and maintaining the hull, mechanical equipment, safety equipment, and interior of the vessel, problems can be identified in a timely manner and measures can be taken to repair them, extend the service life of the vessel, and ensure the safety and reliability of the vessel during maritime navigation. Ship users should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the ship, ensure that the ship is always in good condition, and provide reliable support for maritime transportation.

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